Guided implant surgery for heart patients

Is it possible to have a perfect dental care procedure for heart patients? This is the frequently asked question when heart patients visit their dentist. Heart patients can be difficult to handle when it comes to dental care following their delicate condition. For dental implants, you should require a guided implant surgery as a dentist or patient for the dental implant procedure to be safe and sucessful.

How Breast Implants Impede ECG Reading

An electrocardiogram (ECG) reading is important for diagnosing heart failure, heart disease, abnormal heartbeats, and heart attack, among other heart complications. Evidently, any issues related to the heart are crucial and their diagnosis ought to be as accurate as possible. Nonetheless, according to a recent study led by Dr. Sok-Sithikun Bun, breast implants can interfere with ECG readings, leading to inaccurate results. If you’re interested to have this breast enhancement procedure, go to a trusted breast implant clinic.

Advice on Weight Loss After Breast Reduction Surgery

A lot of women suffer from symptoms associated with enlarged breasts. Generally, two conditions are responsible for such symptoms – morbid obesity and excessive breast enlargement. To do away with unsightly, enlarged breasts, breast reduction surgery is performed but surgeons explains the risks of breast surgery in Perth. It’s a procedure aimed at removing excess tissue, fat, and skin from breasts. However, most of the women who undergo this cutting-edge surgery wish to lose their excess weight too. So, is weight loss after breast reduction surgery possible?

Dental management of medically compromised patients

A dental professional, prior to start a dental surgery or treatment must be aware of the physiological state of the patient. This is important because the dental treatment of a medically compromised patient specially with cardiac abnormalities could result in severe complications. Moreover the awareness with cardially compromised patient helps an emergency dentist to decide the procedure that would be appropriate and precautions that are necessary. Also the drugs that a dentist prescribes could have severe cardiovascular effects. Therefore a treatment plan must be devised after cosidering all pros and cons of the condition.