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A dental professional, prior to start a dental surgery or treatment must be aware of the physiological state of the patient. The proper dental management of medically compromised patients, specially with cardiac abnormalities is important as any dental treatment could result in severe complications. Moreover the awareness with cardially compromised patient helps an emergency dentist to decide the procedure that would be appropriate and precautions that are necessary. Also the drugs that a dentist prescribes could have severe cardiovascular effects. Therefore, a treatment plan must be devised after considering all pros and cons of the condition. Visit Southern Smiles’ dental clinic in Miranda, NSW if you need professional help.

Heart complications that are important to be aware of include hypertention, hypotension, myocardial infarction, endocarditis, angina pectoris, heart failure , cradiac arythmia etc. These conditions could fatally effect a person during peridontal therapy forexample a patient with hypotention who undergoes a dental surgery with great blood loss could be life threatening if untreated. Dental treatment also increases the risk of angina attack due to anxiety and fear. Therefore, such patients are treated by administering a spray of nitroglycerin sequentially in order to minimize the effects of angina. dental management of the medically compromised patient

In patients of endocarditis, a dental surgeon should be taking extra care for oral hygiene otherwise which could lead to bacteremia. In this case treatment with chlorhexidine mouthrinses are recomended by the medicine specialists. Medical experts also recomend the dentists to delay any dental treatment for about six months minimum after a heart attac.

While concluding the discussion it’s important to say that medical complications could be fatal if proper dental management of medically compromised patients is only taken lightly. Therefore, a dental professional should be completely aware of physiological state of his patient and should come up with a treatment plan considering all pros and cons of the treatment.

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