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An electrocardiogram (ECG) reading is important for diagnosing heart failure, heart disease, abnormal heartbeats, and heart attack, among other heart complications. Evidently, any issues related to the heart are crucial and their diagnosis ought to be as accurate as possible. Nonetheless, according to a recent study led by Dr. Sok-Sithikun Bun, breast implants can interfere with ECG readings, leading to inaccurate results. If you’re interested to have this breast enhancement procedure, go to a trusted breast implant clinic.

Electrocardiography uses ultrasound to access the heart and monitor its condition in terms of heart rate, the rhythm of the beats, as well as the electric pulses in each heart segment. However, breast implants comprise either silicone-gel or saline, which prevent ultrasound from accessing the heart. This interferes with the ECG reading; hence, doctors may find themselves with a heart misdiagnosis.

Dr. Sok-Sithikun Bun saw it fit to let the medical community know about this development because the lives of women with breast implants could be in danger. He advises physicians to confirm whether their patients have breast implants before checking the status of their hearts using electrocardiography. ecg reading

Women with breast implants should let their doctors know about them whenever they are taking an ECG reading. Furthermore, it is a good idea for those who plan to invest in breast implants to have an ECG reading taken prior to the surgery. Also, plastic surgeons may want to be proactive with their patients and suggest an ECG reading prior to breast implants in anticipation of the complications the implants will present in the future with ECG readings. This step will at least give a physician some data to compare recent readings when diagnosing the patient.

Considering the recent discovery of the relationship between breast augmentation or implants and inaccurate ECG readings, for accurate results, physicians whose patients already have breast implants should consider using other methods like blood tests to diagnose heart problems.

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