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A lot of women suffer from symptoms associated with enlarged breasts. Generally, two conditions are responsible for such symptoms – morbid obesity and excessive breast enlargement. To do away with unsightly, enlarged breasts, breast reduction surgery is performed but surgeons explains the risks of breast surgery in Perth. It’s a procedure aimed at removing excess tissue, fat, and skin from breasts. However, most of the women who undergo this cutting-edge surgery wish to lose their excess weight too. So, is weight loss after breast reduction surgery possible?

Advice on weight loss for people undergoing breast reduction weight loss after breast reduction surgery

Usually females who opt for breast reduction choose this surgery to get rid of excess weight from their breasts. However, a majority of them carry excess weight all over their body. They want to shed extra weight from other body parts too. The question is whether losing weight after the reduction surgery is a good idea.

Most of the doctors and health care specialists assert that weight loss after reduction can affect the results of the surgery. Patients may observe looseness around their breasts. Also, the firmness of the skin is also compromised, and that can greatly affect the looks and overall results of the reduction procedure.

Many specialists suggest that the candidates opting for breast reduction should lose weight first. They can choose a healthy, low-calorie diet and get rid of excess fat from their body. Once they lose desired weight, they can undergo surgery. In this way, they’ll enjoy the perks of weight loss as well as surgery.

On the other hand, some experts believe that you can lose weight after the surgery. However, the person shedding weight should involve in exercises aimed at toning breasts. Yet, the results of the breast surgery will be affected to a certain extent.

Bottom line

Weight loss after breast reduction surgery isn’t actually recommended. It’s best to lose weight first before opting for the reduction procedure. While it’s definitely possible to shed weight after surgery, the surgical results will be affected even if you pursue exercises.

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