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Are you a victim of uncertainty? Not knowing the difference between heartburn or heart attack? You can now smile because the answers are just here.

A house doctor in Brisbane advises that if you ever experience a weird pain in the chest you should seek medical care as soon as possible.

Have you ever felt a burning sensation mostly after taking in some food or a drink? If yes then you exactly know what I am talking about. Heartburn! This is a situation where a certain burning sensation is felt around the chest. This comes about as a result of acid irritation from the stomach. Probably asking why not in the belly? The stomach is lined with mucus that protects it from the acid formed in the stomach which helps in digestion thus no irritation is felt. The food pipe feels the irritation because it lacks the mucus to protect it against the acid, therefore, resulting in some burning feeling around the chest.

Some of its symptoms are as follows;

  • Burning sensation just above the stomach.
  • Feeling to vomit.

A heart attack is what many don’t wish for as it’s a very deadly disease. It’s failure of the arteries to supply blood to the heart. This is usually caused by the hardening of the arteries a condition called coronary disease of the arteries and mostly affects old people. Human beings are living vehicles. If vehicles lack fuel flowing to the engines, they will stop and stagnate. Likewise, when human beings lack blood flow to the heart, they stop too.

Knowing The Difference Heartburn Or Heart AttackSome of the symptoms of this disease are;

  • Pain in the chest which could be felt up to the arms and other areas of the body.
  • Persistent chest pain that makes the heart feel very burdened.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

These are just a few major differences between the two types of conditions or rather diseases. This difference helps you differentiate the two just by feeling but what you need most is to go for a medical check-up. So do the necessary and live healthily.

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