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For those at risk or suffering from heart diseases, there is good news for you. Prevention is possible, and it all entails adopting a healthy lifestyle to reduce the chances of getting it. Because many people are suffering from many types of heart diseases, some preventable solutions have also been developed. Taking care of your teeth isn’t a proven way to prevent heart disease. While there appears to be some connection between oral health and heart disease, more research is needed to fully understand it or seek advice to best dentists in Melbourne to know the connect of oral health to your heart.

Here is a list of the best way to go about it.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyleThis is far the best way which promotes general good health. Here, you need to change your eating habits, doing exercises as well as having mindful health is the key. Firstly, control on the diet you take and this implies avoiding all fat meals and foods containing saturated fats.

You also need to avoid or reduce eggs intake, dairy products or anything containing lots of oil. Reduce commercialized and fried baked foods which are full of fats. You need to know that the heart is the engine of the body. Any meals containing fat, meals will block the normal flow of blood and even prevent the heart from functioning. As a remedy, use healing honey. You only need to take two teaspoons of honey on a daily basis. It will strengthen your heart and physically repair it. You can make just raw honey or with water.

Add Hawthorn berries to your meals. The berries functions to regulate your blood pressure by controlling the heart pumping action. It also enhances the heart valve complications, helps reduce stress, improves heart muscles and can even eliminate atherosclerosis.

You also need to avoid smoking or consumption of alcoholic products. Alcohol has been known to cause heart disease while smoking can even lead to lung cancer.

Exercise regularly

Your heart health means exercising on a daily basis. You don’t have to go to a gym instead you can do simple workouts from your home. To start with, take a simple walk every day. Here, you can do a 20-minute mile at least three times a week.

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