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The medical experts have revealed dental plaque to be linked to the heart disease. They have stated out clearly that individuals who have an excessive dental plague of gum disease have very high chanced of developing artery plaque. There are so many ways on how tooth plaque and artery plaque are related some of them are:heart health

Gum disease has some relationship with the heart disease

In case you have been having some plague it will not mean that you have high chances of getting a heart attack, but if you have severe gum disease you may be at a high risk of getting artery plague and other illness such as rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, and diabetes. So many people who have gum diseases have poor coordination of the arteries in the body compared to people who have healthy gums and teeth. To help you maintain them being healthy, please check this website.


The mouth toxins may increase the artery plague

The bacteria and toxins in your mouth have high chances of entering your bloodstream. Dental experts have found out some oral bacteria which causes gum diseases to be in the arteries. The reason for these is that if you chew anything from your mouth it can release some toxins into the bloodstream. Once the toxins are in the body, the immune system sends some responses to these toxins which may damage the vessel walls.

If you have any inflammation in the mouth it can lead to artery inflammation. If you have some toxins in the mouth they have traveled to the liver. The liver may respond back by releasing inflammation-causing proteins which lead to inflammation of the arteries. In some cases, it may lead to the heart attack.


The heart disease and gum disease have some related risk factors

Medical researchers have found out that many of the lifestyle practices which lead to heart diseases will also increase the risk of you getting some gum diseases. You will realize that so many people who have tooth plaque and artery plaque may have developed these conditions from one action. For instance, tobacco use and smoking are some of the major agents which cause the above conditions. Smoking has been found to damage the blood vessels and heart, it can also increase the build-up of plaque in the mouth thereby leading to gum disease. If you have poor nutrition you may increase the chances of getting gum and heart disease. The gum disease may start as an infection the bacteria in the mouth while poor nutrition tends to reduce the ability of the body to fight the gum plague.

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