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Genes are what makes a human being different from each other. Knowing that there are tons of patterns for everyone, it might be unlikely for us to have the same build, traits, and even our well-being. It may not be a hidden fact that people would usually link their disease from their family’s genes. Is heart disease really inherited from your mother or father? It might be possible, but not the main reason. People would often think that diseases are instantly passed onto them just because their mother or father had this disease. However, some diseases aren’t genetically passed since they may be bacterial or viral. Other causes for having heart disease are also probable if there are certain diets or healthy lifestyles that aren’t strictly followed. Meanwhile, in Liverpool, dentist Dr. Linda says that heart disease can also be linked to bad oral health. All of these reasons are possible but let’s look into these causes much deeper.

Family History Is Important But Not The Main Reason

You may be worried about genetically inheriting a disease by questions such as “is heart disease inherited from my mother or father?”. These questions are common and normal for people to ask of. However, it is important to know which of these ailments should you need to have a background check. Your family and relatives will most likely tell important details of when they had the disease and what their solutions were. While your DNA may show signs of this health issue being true, it does not define your lifespan. Your lifestyle and environment can still play a huge part in building up any underlying disease that you have. However, it may be a good thing for you to ask your mother about how her lifestyle was during her pregnancy with you. Studies show that pregnant women with low nutrition and vitamins may affect her baby’s overall health and future illnesses that can be developed. In general, your genetic makeup is not controlled by either your mom or dad. The only way for you to really prevent any complications in the future is to maintain a healthy outlook on living your life.

Other Ways to Detect Your Health Riskis heart disease inherited from mother or father

Going to your doctor is the number one thing you should always do to make sure that you are healthy. You’ll be able to find the symptoms of any illnesses with them so be sure to always tell what you feel honest. A DNA test is also a great way for you to check any issue and is also professionally accepted by your doctors. This, however, does not detect any exact future risks or can explain fully what happened but may help give clues on your health. Knowing what cardiovascular disease is and what causes it is the best way to know what you should do to lower the risk of having this ailment.

How to Lower Your Risk

You can avoid these curiosities such as is heart disease inherited from your mother or father by knowing how to live your life healthily. Taking care of yourself by doing your daily hygiene, eating fruits and vegetables, as well as exercising. A lot of illnesses and diseases are however linked to unhealthy habits such as too much consumption of sugar, smoking, and alcohol abuse. Always maintain your eating habits, having a detailed diet plan as prescribed by your dietician. Have a routinely or annual check-up with your doctor will be able to help you follow the instructions and plan out the ways to decrease your chances of having heart problems in the future.

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