Is Heart Disease Inherited From My Mother Or Father?

However, some diseases aren’t genetically passed since they may be bacterial or viral. Other causes for having heart disease are also probable if there are certain diets or healthy lifestyles that aren’t strictly followed. Meanwhile, in Liverpool, dentist Dr. Linda says that heart disease can also be linked to bad oral health. All of these reasons are possible but let’s look into these causes much deeper.

Aggressive Periodontitis: From symptoms to treatment

Have you experienced having swollen gums that easily bleed? Is your breath smelling foul as well? You may be having gum disease or periodontitis. This is a very common gum disease that can affect the integrity of your jawbone and teeth. Read this article and visit know more about periodontitis and what you can do in cases where a simple gum disease turned into aggressive periodontitis.

Old Root Canal Infection Symptoms To Look Out For

Having a root canal can be painful. But once it is finished, everything would be alright. Well, the majority of people who have had root canals in the past did not experience any complications. However, infections still occur. This article will focus on old root canal infection symptoms. If you fear that you have an infection from a root canal done a while ago, click here to read more.