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Are you a fan of sugary sweets and oily food at the same time? You may be in danger of getting fatal consequences. Your bad oral hygiene can put your overall health at risk. Hence, it is crucial always to be careful with your teeth’s health condition. If you see any signs of plaque or tartar buildup on your gum line, prevent tooth decay by brushing. Our gums can also show health risk factors due to the nerves and blood vessels that may carry these bacteria toward other body parts. The reason being, your heart may suffer from bacteria build up on your gums. Check out other facts that our body shows through different symptoms in our oral health. Visit Dr Jack Yang’s clinic in Bella Vista to make sure that there are no complications in your condition.


Why Is The Mouth As Important As The Heart?

Several people can neglect their teeth’s health due to being busy at work or school. However, many scientists and experts in both the medical and dental field can support the link between the mouth’s health and heart disease. It is a possibility that bacteria found in the mouth can pass through the bloodstream that nerves carry to the heart. Hence, if there are huge deposits of plaque, cavities, and even periodontal disease, there is an increase in heart attacks. Patients with a high sugar diet and carbohydrates on their meals may have double chances of getting both the health risks. 


What Are The Various Risk Factors For Dental Health And Heart?

Medical and dental experts are aware of possible health risk factors for having both heart disease and dental health risks. Many research cases prove the relation of gum diseases with heart disease. Hence, it must be everyone’s priority to keep their overall health care in its top condition. Moreover, a patient with a history of any oral health illness must also visit their primary care physician. The results and analysis of some symptoms from dental issues can also point out hidden physical health risk factors. If you have any of these signs, it may be time to visit your dental clinic or medical hospital.


Dental Health Problems

  • Neglect Of Proper Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is essential as washing your hands and taking a bath every day. If dirt and bacteria aren’t removed from the tooth’s surface, it can spread and become a bacterial infection. On the contrary, too much brushing of the teeth can lead to teeth abrasion, which wears out the natural enamel. 

  • Severe Toothaches

Health Risk Factors Heart Teeth

A mild toothache may get treatment from DIY home remedies such as saline solution or cold compress. However, severe pain, particularly at night, may need an emergency dentist. It can be dangerous if your toothaches don’t stop even after a dental solution. You may have to go back to your dentist and ask for an in-depth examination of possible dental care health risks such as periodontal problems.

  • Sensitive Gums

Aside from the physical problems that teeth may show, gums can have more significant health risk factors. According to a research study of the mouth, central nervous system, and heart anatomy, all nerves are connected. Moreover, dentin composes of a lot of blood vessels. Hence, a periodontal disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis may put your life at risk. Check if your sensitive gums happen while drinking cold water, eating hot food, and during your oral care routine. 

  • Diabetes

A person with diabetes can also be a considerable health risk factor for both oral health and heart disease. Sugar attacks the gums and promotes more bacteria and plaque buildup. An obese person may need to check if the symptoms of being overweight also require cutting off their sugar intake.


Heart Diseases

  • Hypertension

A study on the link between hypertension, cholesterol, and stress points out that the heart valves are susceptible to any diseases caused by blockages. Food that is rich in unhealthy oil and cholesterol can damage the veins and arteries. Besides this fact, stress can also pump out too much blood that may disrupt the normal blood flow. Hypertension increases the rate of blood being pumped by the heart into the other organs. 

  • Irregular Heart Beat

Consumption of too much alcohol can also contribute as a risk factor for obesity and heart attacks. The blood cells that contain too much alcohol shows blockage in arteries, bloodstreams, and clogging up of cholesterol. Arrhythmia or the irregular beating of the heart may change from slow to quick rhythms in the center. It may also induce pain in the chest, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and extreme sweating. 

  • Heart Attacks And Stroke 

A person can suffer from any heart disease no matter their age, sex, or lifestyle is. It may also come from various reasons such as congenital problems, mental health issues such as depression and chronic fatigue. If you have a previous medical condition such as stroke, you may have to be careful with your oral health as well. Heart attacks and stroke may recur if bacteria are present in your tongue, mouth, and gums. To prevent the health problem from happening again, schedule a consultation from your local dental clinic


How Can You Prevent These Two Health Risk Factors? 

Start By Brushing And Flossing Daily

Eliminating the first signs of bacteria in your mouth can go a long way for your health. That said, you must start with your oral hygiene habits. Be sure to get fluoride toothpaste or a toothpaste readily available for your current teeth condition. You can avoid the health risk by making sure you are also flossing correctly. Avoid forcing your dental floss from scarring your gums. You can search for online videos that may show you the proper way of flossing. Of course, don’t forget to ask your dentist about the right products to use. 


Change Your Diet

Being overweight is a challenging battle to come out in victory. Though it is not impossible to lower your obesity risks. You can ask for support from your family and friends by being accountable for what you eat. For women dealing with pregnancy, it is also inevitable to eat too much food during the pregnancy period. Hence, you may want to consult a dietician or nutritionist to give any advice for healthy meals instead. 


Quit Smoking

Health Risk Factors

Truthfully, there are also health risk factors of nicotine in the body. The sticky nicotine substance can trap dirt on the tooth’s surface. Oral cancer is one of the common risks that a patient may develop during their smoking addiction. Your dentist can help you quit smoking by discussing the dangers of nicotine in the mouth. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also gave guidelines for dental professionals on how to deal with patients that can’t quit smoking.


Have A Healthy Lifestyle

Besides the apparent solutions for your mouth and heart problems, you can also rely on exercising to stimulate good blood flow. At the same time, decreasing your stress factors also reduces the chance of having a mental health risk. Support yourself by getting motivation from going outside (after the COVID19 situation) and enjoy the scenery. Life is too good to be stressed at trivial things.

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