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What is the worst dental disease you have ever encountered? Is it your sleepless nights with a toothache? How about the difficulty in chewing or biting food? Regardless of which is the worst, you can treat your teeth or gum illness. You must contact an emergency dentist near you if jaw clenching is followed by dizziness (vertigo), shortness of breath, and chest pain. In this situation, you may be asking, can periodontitis kill you? Dental diseases are bound to be fatal in the negligence of the patient with early warning symptoms. If you’re preventing yourself from the irreversible effects of central nervous system disorders or cardiovascular diseases, read more details in this article. 


What Is Periodontitis?

The gums consist of soft tissues, nerves, and blood vessels that support teeth for various purposes. However, if bacteria start to attack the sensitive gums and treatment isn’t given right away, patients can see inflammation or swelling. Periodontitis is a severe health illness that is the leading factor for tooth loss among young adults and the elderly. Many periodontal diseases can also lead to gum recession and exposed tooth root. Cavities, the first sign of the dental infection, may lead to gingivitis and lastly, periodontitis. Eventually, the alveolar bone in the jaw of the teeth may degrade due to periodontal diseases. 


What Are The Warning Signs Of A Gum Problem?

Do warning signs of dental diseases vary? Yes, several gum problems have stages where a dentist will determine the severity. Although there are many similarities per stage like an infection in teeth and gums, you may be surprised about the side effects. An untreated mouth illness from plaque may increase the risk of cancer or an underlying medical condition for the heart. Check out these periodontal gum disease warnings before going to your nearest dental clinic.


Falling or Loose Tooth

Aside from sports injuries or accidents, teeth may fall off due to periodontal gum disease. Teeth can also become loose due to cavities and bacterial infection, which may necrotize its pulp


Severe Pain That Extends To The Ears And Neck

Toothache isn’t just the only problem for the mouth. An ear, neck, and throat doctor may detect that your toothache comes from nerves affected by a gum problem. Several ENT specialists may suggest that a tooth extraction is necessary if root canal therapy isn’t enough for pain relief.


Persistent Bad Breath

Bad breath, often called halitosis, occurs due to issues like improper oral hygiene, acidic or caffeinated drinks and food, stress, and even digestive problems. To prevent bad breath, you must always brush your teeth. Flossing removes the dirt in between teeth and. Lastly, a mouth rinse can flush the plaque and debris that are stuck. 


Puffy Pink Or Red Gums That Swell Or Bleed Easily

Do you notice how easy it is to poke or bleed your gums? A bright and puffy gum may already be a warning that you have periodontal disease. In case you see any of the issues as mentioned above, your periodontist or general dentist should diagnose your health for the right treatments.


Can Periodontitis Kill You? 

Can Periodontitis Kill You

At the end of the day, prevention is better than cure. Most periodontal gum disease symptoms start an earlier time, such as oral infection during teenage to adulthood. With the bones decaying and teeth abscess recurring, it may already be hard to revert your gum disease. A dangerous aspect of untreated dental problems may lead to the cause of death. Notably, periodontitis affects the natural blood flow that our circulatory system conducts. Bacteria that are present in the blood vessels can block oxygen which organs like the lungs, heart, and the brain needs. Hence, you may face severe consequences of not brushing or flossing daily.


Consult Your Dentist On How To Treat Periodontitis 

In the face of challenges and hazards in the overall wellbeing of the human body, it is the responsibility of anyone to visit a professional for healthcare maintenance. You must not skip your appointment as your heart can ultimately suffer from the serious issues that your gums are indicating. Prevent oral disease by correcting your gum inflammation as early as you can.

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