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Some people describe trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain as the worst pain of their life. Trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain is not just felt in your teeth but also in you jaw, gums, and even your cheeks. To get this condition treated, you can visit Southern Smiles’ clinic in Miranda, NSW.

Trigeminal neuralgia tooth pian is caused by the trigeminal nerve in your face. This is the nerve that provides sensation to your facial muscles. There is one nerve on each side of your face. It sends the signal to your brain that something is wrong.

Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia Tooth Pain

Attacks of this type of pain normally seem to come out of nowhere. Some people describe it as an electrical shock. This type of pain might be so severe that it renders you incapable of doing anything. Trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain normally only happens on one side of the face. It is rare to have it on both sides. It can last anywhere from a day to even months. After the pain has subsided, you may still feel a bit of tingling or burning feeling.

Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia Tooth Pain trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain

In order to find out what is causing your trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain, it is important to seek out the advice of your dentist first to rule out any other tooth problems. Sometimes a cracked tooth or an infection can cause you to feel trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain. If your dentist is unable to find the cause of your pain based off of a dental exam, you might want to consider consulting your family doctor to rule out any other causes.

Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia Tooth Pain

If your dentist is unable to fix the pain with a dental procedure, trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain can be controlled with pain medication. If over the counter pain medication isn’t effective, speak to your doctor about taking something stronger. If you know that there are certain things that trigger your trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain, make sure to try to avoid those things. For example, if cold food sets off pain, try to avoid eating cold foods. Unfortunately, there aren’t many treatments for trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain.

Having a chronic pain condition such as trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain can be debilitating to your every day life. If you are having trouble controlling trigeminal neuralgia tooth pain, be sure to seek out the expert advice of your dentist or doctor right away to explore your options. You can also try going to a massage clinic to help alleviate some pain.

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