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Did you know that more than one million Americans get heart attacks per year and 10% of these people experience teeth and jaw pain which is sometimes accompanied by chest pain? Though teeth and jaw pain may be a sign of a common toothache, it can also be a warning sign of a serious problem like a heart attack. In this article, we will talk about everything that you need to know about teeth and jaw pain heart attack as shared by

Misdiagnosis has caused many patients to undergo unnecessary dental procedures such as teeth extractions. For teeth and jaw pain heart attack, the pain still persists even after dental procedures. Other patients were unknowingly given pain medication prescriptions which are not helpful if the pain is heart-related.

This pain normally referred to as orofacial pain of cardiac origin and it’s generally characterized by a spontaneous toothache that worsens with exercise. This pain subsides upon taking nitroglycerin which is a coronary vasodilator. Orofacial pain of cardiac origin may occur concurrently with throat, neck, shoulder or chest pain.

Signs of teeth and jaw pain heart attack

• a pain that doesn’t respond to adequate dental treatment.

• a pain that occurs spontaneously in multiple teeth.

• persistent pain even after administering anesthetic block or freezing. teeth and jaw pain heart attack

• a pain that changes dramatically.

• a pain that persists for days or months.

In all the study cases, researcher reported that with the right heart problem diagnosis and when the correct treatment was given: all the jaw and teeth pain were resolved completely.

Apart from teeth and jaw pain other symptoms of a heart attack include:

• Indigestion, and fullness feeling.

• Nausea, vomiting, sweating and dizziness.

• Irregular or rapid heart beats.

• Uncomfortable pain radiating to the back, throat, arm and jaw.

• Shortness of breath.

• Anxiety.

• Extreme weakness.

• Heaviness, discomfort and pressure as well as pain below the breastbone, arm and in the chest.

In conclusion, a heart attack causes permanent damage to the heart muscle. This results from lack of blood supply which causes tissue death. It’s therefore important to look out for those signs which are normally ignored. Signs such as teeth and jaw pain may be warning sign of a serious problem which can be fatal.

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