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Probiotic heart disease Heart diseases are considered to be the number one killer of men and women. It’s caused by the narrowing of the coronary artery that feeds blood to the heart.

One possible cause of a heart disease is having a respiratory infection. Lately, there have been studies going on that shows surgical procedure can prevent respiratory or breathing problem. Visit BreastAugmentationPerth to know more of this latest studies.

Probiotics are bacteria that are found within the guts of the humans. Probiotic bacteria are symbiotic and therefore have no adverse effects on humans. Research has shown that these bacteria have the capability of healing cardiovascular diseases. Probiotic heart diseases are majorly linked to inflammation, and the primary source is in the gut. Eat or drink foods that are rich in probiotic bacteria, and you will overcome heart conditions such as:

The respiratory infection may lead to heart disease. Recent studies show, but not yet concluded, that surgery may help prevent breathing problem, see doctors at Breast Augmentation Perth for more details.

High cholesterol: high cholesterol is considered to be the primary precursor of heart diseases. Probiotics bacteria produces propionic acid as it absorbs fiber from the intestines. This acid helps in countering production of cholesterol. Probiotic also breaks down cholesterol for its nourishment. Probiotics also break down bile acid, and the liver is forced to produce more bile through the breakdown of cholesterol.

Low vitamin D: vitamin D is essential for absorption of minerals in our bodies such as phosphates, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Probiotic bacteria increases the absorption of these nutrients which are necessary for cardiac functioning.

Congestive heart failure: blood flow in the heart is impaired if there is damage to the heart muscles. Probiotic bacteria reduces blood cholesterol consequently improving heart functioning and prevents cardiac damage.

Diabetes: the risk of having a heart attack is increased by a combination of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Probiotic bacteria help control blood sugar levels and thus help to control diabetes.

High blood pressure: probiotic bacteria helps to reduce blood pressure which is the major cause of many cardiovascular diseases.

Inflammatory markers: probiotic bacteria reduces the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Therefore, fewer white blood cells are formed and sent to a damaged artery. It means therefore that there are fewer chances of cholesterol accumulation and inflammation.

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