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Plastic surgery medical assistant, what do they do? How important are they during an actual plastic surgical procedure? Meanwhile, Miranda’s top plastic surgeon, Dr. Alan Evans, has become well-known in the world of facial plastic surgery. Enhancing the patient’s aesthetic beauty has been Dr Evans’ dedication through his working life.


Plastic surgery

We may not experience it personally, but it is one of the procedures that we can consider hectic. For this reason, plastic surgery medical assistant is essential. Plastic surgeons cannot do all the job alone. They need someone who can assist them while they are performing the procedure.

As an overview, plastic surgery involves reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. It may include the repair, reconstruction, or replacement of physical defects to a patient’s skin, musculoskeletal system, hands, breasts and trunk, and many more.

As for aesthetic purposes, it involves the improvement of undesirable qualities of normal structures. These structures’ condition may appear bothersome to the patients that made them want to undergo this surgery.

The level of surgery will depend on the requirement of the patient. For this reason, the surgeon must have a certified medical assistant around. This way, they could be more focused on the surgery itself.


Plastic surgery medical assistant

In an actual surgical procedure, a certified medical assistant is most likely around. However, to become a plastic surgeon assistant, they should complete a physician program. Aside from that, they should be licensed as well.

The license will be the key for the certified medical assistant to assist the surgeon with procedures, write prescriptions, and administer treatments. However, a surgeon is still supervising while the assistant is helping with the treatment course.

Meanwhile, what role does a certified medical assistant play during actual plastic surgery? We have listed their job responsibilities below.


Clerical and reception duties

Front desk duties are one of the essential roles that medical assistants play. It also involves scheduling, receiving payments, and dealing with insurance companies. Additionally, securing all patients’ personal information and medical records is also one of their key roles.

With the help of medical assistants, clinics can run smoothly. They are the ones who manage patients’ flow inside the clinic. This way, the clinic will maintain an organized environment as well.

Pre-operative duties

It is not only in plastic surgery that each piece of medical equipment shall remain sterile before and after. In this case, medical assistants are in charge. Moreover, they are the ones who will prepare these tools ahead for each procedure. For this reason, they should be familiar with the tools needed.

Furthermore, medical assistants also need to maintain the stock level and organization inside the operating and treatment room. They will even interact with the patients before the surgery. This interaction often involves giving ordered injections, taking samples from lab tests, procedure explanation, and prepping the patient for the surgery.

Surgical assistance

A plastic surgeon needs several people during any surgery, and each of them plays different parts in the procedure. Certified medical assistants can help through scar revisions, implants, mole removals, breast augmentations, breast reductions, and labia modifications.

Moreover, they should ensure that sterility and safety stay intact while the surgery is ongoing. Medical assistants indeed lend a big hand during the surgery.

Post-Operational Care

Medical assistants’ job responsibilities also include helping during clean up after the surgery’s completion. Correspondingly, it includes proper disposal of contaminated materials and sterilizing the surgeon’s instruments during the surgery.

Furthermore, medical assistants can also change dressings, inspect incisions, and remove the stitches as needed. Aside from that, they will also brief the patients regarding their after-care during their healing period.

Here is a short video that explains more about medical assisting. Please take time to watch this video to know more about how medical assistants play a vital role in patient care provision.


How much does plastic surgery medical assistant make?

Generally speaking, we have a brief knowledge of how hectic the medical assistant’s work can be. Based on that, can we say that they are receiving the salary that fits their job description? How much do they make in performing these job responsibilities?

In the United States, the average salary that surgical medical assistants make typically falls between $34,137 and $39.985. On the other hand, salaries can still vary as several factors can affect them.

Here are the various factors that can cause significant salary variations for surgical medical assistants.

  • Education completed
  • Certifications acquired
  • Additional skills
  • Years of experience
  • Location
  • Specialty

Based on the above factors, the salary of each medical assistant is different. Some assistants can receive a higher payment if they are more particular in the factors we mentioned above.


The career as a medical assistant

a plastic surgeon working with his medical assistantSeveral people chose nursing careers, doctorate, or the career of a pharmacist. However, these careers take years before they can put it into actual practice. Besides that, you will also need to prepare for the series of expenses inclined with these careers.

On the other hand, a career as a medical assistant will only require nine months of training from National Career Education. Here are the different reasons why you can consider this career.

  • The career has a high demand.
  • Medical assistants are essential members of a medical team.
  • Additionally, they perform vital healthcare tasks.
  • Furthermore, they provide direct care for their patients.

For these reasons, we can say that medical assistants are a massive necessity inside a health care facility. Overall, they have several essential roles to play.