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Chin surgery aims at reshaping the chin either by bone reduction or an implant. There are many ways a surgeon can achieve symmetry balanced face. It can be achieved by moving the bone forward to create a receding chin. Excess fat is removed through a process known as submental liposuction.

It’s performed under general anesthesia and requires at least one night. The operation is serious and you should consider both the pros and cons. It is important to remember that to be eligible for cosmetic surgery you must be physically and mentally healthy. As with all surgeries, several risks exist. The common risk associated with this surgery is when the implants shift out of position. A second surgery will be needed to correct the problem.

Chin augmentation which is performed with a silicone chin implant is the common way of providing cosmetic improvements. A small incision underneath the chin is made and then a small pocket is created below the muscle. There is no visible scar since the procedure is done inside the mouth. A tape can be used to hold the implant until it heals.

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Alternatively, excess bone can be removed if you have a projected chin. The tip of the chin bone is detached and slightly moved to augment the contour. It’s stabilized with plates and wires to make it more prominent. It can lead to swelling for several months while the bone heals. If you have a double chin, the surgery is performed in conjunction with cheek and standard neck lift. To change the basic shape of the face, a chin implant may also be added.

You’ll need about two weeks for the swelling and bruising to disappear. Good oral hygiene will reduce the risk of infections from the bacteria that reside around incisions in your mouth. Eat only soft foods to protect your face from injuries and bumps during the recovery period. Plastic surgery on the chin will improve the face features especially if a birth defect is a contributing problem.

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