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You suddenly feel sick by the middle-end of the day, when you know your doctor is already out of his clinic. You don’t think it is an emergency situation, but you still want to be checked by a doctor just to make sure that everything is under control. What should you do? We recommend you to visit the nearest family urgent care clinic. Why should you go to one and how is this different from other clinics? Get more information and read about urgent care with the weekend dentists at this Brisbane’s Balmoral Dental Centre clinic site.

What is an urgent care clinic?

When we get sick, the first thing we do is to schedule an appointment with our family doctor. They are the ones who know everything about our medical history, and they manage our pre-existing and chronic diseases. But what if they are unavailable? This is where a family urgent care clinic enters the picture.

Urgent care clinics are open outside of business hours. The normal clinic hours are up to 6-8 hours daily, excluding holidays and Sundays. Urgent care clinics are open all day every day, even evenings and weekends.

No long waiting time. When you really need to see your doctor but he is unavailable, you probably would go and sacrifice your 2-8 hours to wait in line in hospital emergency rooms. This is understandable because if your health concern is not life-threatening, emergency room personnel will cater to emergency cases first. With urgent care clinics, your average waiting time will not last for more than an hour because they handle the same urgent but not life-threatening issues. The rule first-come-first-served basis applies to urgent care clinics.

family urgent careIt covers a lot of medical conditions. Do not underestimate the capacity of an average-sized urgent care clinic. It may be smaller than a common hospital, but the doctors attending to your care are the same ones you see caring for hospital patients.

Although they do not treat emergency cases, their facility is equipped to handle almost all kinds of medical problems.

It has a diagnostic testing department. No need to change locations just to get your labs done. Common urgent care clinics also have laboratory rooms and diagnostic testing machines to help you and your doctor figure out what is wrong with you. This makes your doctor visit hassle-free, convenient, and productive in one stop.

A family urgent care clinic or facility is a great alternative if you are faced with situations where you are unable to see your family physician immediately. The facts that professional doctors and specialists are there to evaluate your condition and they are open when your doctor’s clinic isn’t are reasons enough. Moreover, getting bonus advantages of lesser to almost no waiting time and laboratory and diagnostic testing are within your reach, are just icing on the cake. This gives you an assurance that continuity of care is achieved.

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