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Dental health is a great concern for everyone. If you don’t take the precaution of brushing or flossing your teeth, various dental procedures may be needed. One such dental procedure by an emergency endodontist. You might wonder why visit a specialized endodontist. This is the procedure involving the removal of the nerve and the pulp of the root canal which is done by a dentist or an endodontist.

When to Seek Emergency Endodontist?

The endodontist is will be involved when the tooth decays badly or is infected. This, therefore, necessitates a cleanup, seal, and treatment of the tooth. Purposely, it’s done to prevent abscesses and infection of neighboring teeth.

Why is Tooth Pulp Removed?

The emergency endodontist removes the pulp to prevent bacterial development. If the bacteria develop in the cavity, the decayed debris is likely to cause infection. Additionally, an abscess may form. It also stops the spread of swelling to the outside. Bone loss is also prevented.

Prevention of Nerve and Pulp Damage

To avoid damaging the pulp and the nerve, you should avoid irritation, inflammation, large fillings and repeated procedures on one tooth. Other things to check include tooth chip or cracks and infection that can cause decay.

Treating Root Canal

emergency endodontistIt’s advisable to keep seeking dental attention. If a dentist recommends you to an emergency endodontist, the following is done. An X-ray defines the shape of the canal and any sign of infection. Anesthesia is used to relax and ease the patient. Saliva is kept away from the area. An access hole must be drilled. Though it, anything unwanted is removed. These are the pulp, decayed nerve tissue, bacteria and any debris available. Root cleaning and sealing finish the process.

Effects of the Procedure

After the procedure, tissue inflammation is expected. Discomfort and sensitivity are other side effects to keep in kind.

Emergency endodontics is known to have a very high success percentage rate. A few complications might emerge but it is really successful.

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