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First of all, I must make it clear that I am not a provider of health services. You should discuss this with your doctor before performing this procedure. It has been shown that a sound recovery in the heart rate is the most important indicator of general physical fitness. The reason is that the more beats per minute your FC (FC) decrease after peak training, the more appropriate a person will be. If you run hell for the leather for a few minutes, get close to the maximum recovery heart rate, a recovery of good quality will apply to your heartbeat at least 15 during this first minute after the maximum exercise. Here I would like to give the breakdown of the easy way to run the test and then get your number.

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First, you want an estimate of your respective max. It’s an advantage to know this number because the objective of the test is to bring your heart to that number. If you do not approach, you have not really worked enough. It should be number 220 and less the age you have. What that is is your estimated maximum number. Remember the number as a reference for a time.

Second, you must have a heart rate clock. Count your fingers on your neck or wrist for ten seconds, then multiply by six (to find the beats per minute): you can take your old-fashioned press. But using a watch is less work and probably more accurate. A monitor without a strap or with a chest strap will suffice. Here I will assume that you have one.

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Third, to get perfect results, you must run a little. Sprint is basically very fast. Visit an open area that resembles a park or a train. Take your heart rate before the sprint to see if your watch works. This announcement may vary from person to person, but it will be 50 to 90 beats per minute for healthy adults. Ok, now you have to run as fast as you can while you can. When you have reached the maximum effort: stop and take your HR.

Fourth, after a minute that has passed since you ran at maximum, recover your heart rate and remember that number. The amount you get, but the heart rate recovery is the number. The larger the number, the more physically fit it will be. If your heart rate drops from the top to the initial resting phase in the first minute, you will be exceptionally fit.

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