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A tooth root canal infection can be caused due to many reasons including poor oral hygiene and bad eating habits. The Dental Spot – Burwood Dental Centre notes that when a person does not have proper eating habits and necessary oral hygiene there might be a risk for overall health issues.

After eating, food particles get stuck in between the teeth and inside the tooth which then attracts bacteria that feed on these food particles eventually moving further inside which results in cavities. These cavities cause severe pain the gums and tooth which slowly leads to tooth decay.  Once the bacterium reaches deep enough inside the gums, it triggers the sensitive nerves that are situated inside and causes many serious problems. The tooth that has been infected should be treated soon before it gets completely damaged. Sometimes these infections are hidden deep inside the tooth. It’s necessary that the person visits the dentist on a routine basis. This makes tooth decay easier to be detected in time.


If not taken seriously, this root canal infection can cause coronary heart diseases. As the bacteria infects the gum, if not treated in time it reaches the sensitive nerves that are also connected to the nerves that connect to the heart. This can cause serious infection to those nerves and eventually cause a heart attack. If a person has already a heart disease, the risk of heart failure increases if there is a root canal which has not been treated. It is also advised that you get an X-ray check up done periodically so that any such hidden infections are detected on time.

Tooth infections are not something that can be ignored as they can have fatal results. Oral hygiene is ignored by most people but that has to be the most important part of a person’s daily chores to be safe from fatal infections like this.

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