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If your fear of bugs doesn’t creep you out just as much yet, you may want to be more careful about this piece of information. Millions of bacteria are already common everywhere. However, if you’re one who’s always out on the woods or grassy areas, you may want to be careful. Ticks, one of the notorious plague-giving bugs, are yet again linked to a health problem called Lyme Disease. While you may not be aware of it, these bugs are usually present not just only on household pets. Lyme disease heart problems are actually the most popular effect of this multisystem inflammatory disease. You may want to read about this topic here to know further about what you should do if it infects your teeth. Dentists can prevent further spreading of this infection.

What is Lyme Disease?

Infections, bacteria, diseases, these are all risks in a person’s health. Further research shows that Lyme disease is a bacteria problem. Borrelia burgdorferi, the scientific term for this bacteria, pass through the human body from an infected black leg tick. Most of these ticks are from deers and are really dangerous. This tick does not only cause Lyme disease but other health problems as well. It works by blocking the electric signals on the upper and lower chambers of the heart. The real problem with Lyme Disease or any other tick problem is that it can get you infected fast as it passes through the bloodstreams very easily.

What Are The Four Symptoms For It?

Dentist Can Prevent Lyme Disease Heart Problems

This fatal disease has lots of symptoms that you may want to check out. Did you know that signs of problems in the teeth or jaw can also point out to heart problems as well? The very first thing you need to look for is any ticks in your body. It is important to know that these black-legged ticks need to stick on your body from 36 to 48 hours for the infection to happen. Fever, chills, fatigue, muscle, and joint aches are some of the early signs of Lyme Disease. However, to really know if the Lyme Disease Heart problem is already happening, these are the four major symptoms of it:

Erythema migrans rash (RM)

This type of rash is common for other diseases but what sets it apart for Lyme Disease is how instant it shows. It occurs approximately 80% of persons infected by the disease. In addition, it also has a slight delay of 3 to 30 days. Whereas, it may spread up to 12 inches or 30 centimeters from the bite area. It looks like a bull’s eye after enlarging and really warm to touch.

Irregular heartbeats

Another alarming symptom that may signal you for this Lyme disease heart problems is the irregular heartbeats you are feeling. Since the bacteria block the upper and lower chambers of the heart, there is an irregular flow of the blood pumped there. This may cause you to have heart failures if not given immediate medical attention. You may also feel heart palpitations more commonly as well.

Inflammation of the brain and spinal cord

Nerve pain that causes the inflammation of the brain and the spinal cord is also one of the severe symptoms of Lyme disease. You may feel sudden dizziness, stiffness, severe headaches or other intermittent pain in your body.

Facial Palsy

If you notice that your muscles or your facial skin droop suddenly, you may also want to get to a doctor’s care right away. It is also another symptom of Lyme disease and also affects not just your face. You may also see yourself having arthritis, swelling, pain in tendons, joints, and bones.

How Can Dental Treatment Combat Lyme Disease?

Your dentist can help you with preventing the spreading of this disease by doing root canals properly. These bacteria may dwell in your mouth, gums, and teeth. Especially where the teeth were removed, these areas are at risk. Mention any signs of these symptoms to your dentist so that he or she can give proper treatment. Consult your doctor about the best ways to prevent Lyme disease from affecting you.

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