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Congenital heart disease may cause hormonal imbalance that can affect menstruation and ovulation, which is a high rate to women with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar. This is known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. When a person is with heart disease and is planning to get pregnant it is always best to get a consulation with fertility clinic in Perth.

With this there are several reason as to why a person has to undergo treatment and change of life style in order to keep our body health.

Non-intrusive treatment

Non-intrusive treatment and mild activities are useful in the development and advancement of adults with congenital heart disease. It is incredibly imperative not to start the practice treatments in these adults without seeking guidance from the enlisted physical advisors who work together with the pediatric cardiologist to transmit the best exercise regimens with the ultimate goal of improving health without overburdening health. Heart. For the most part, adults and adults can perform moderate static activities of mild power without confusion; however, health care providers unambiguously confine weightlifting in mature adult pediatrics and even in adults with cardiac deformities.

congenital heartPhysical exercises

The activities of conventional recreational centers or in adverse conditions increase the cardiac output that can overload the heart and can increase the danger of complications or a sudden cardiac pace. Despite what might be expected, the practices carried out under the direction of physician specialists have different advantages. Exercise or physical exercises are required with the ultimate goal of building resistance and maintaining the continuity of the practice, especially in the school that is growing and participating in physical activities with associates. Non-intrusive treatment improves the rate of mental and physical progress that allows adults to create healthy social partnerships with peers, muscle and motor coordination and mental concordance.


Without a non-intrusive treatment, the movement towards severe disability is high. The guardians must advance the healthy physical movement but to make beyond any doubt to avoid contact sports or vigorous exercises that can influence the cardiac functioning.

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