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Bad breath is a condition mainly diagnosed in adults. Unlike lousy breathing in adults which may be a sign of some serious illness such as neck, head or stomach cancer, bad breath in kids comes mainly from nasal cavity or the mouth itself. Mostly poor oral hygiene during childhood is one major factor that caused different dental and oral concerns.  This is why taking care of our teeth should start on a young age.

Causes of bad breath

  • Poor dental hygiene

Some parents assume the fact that regular teeth brushing is for adults. The point is, kids also should touch on a regular basis. This is because when children eat, food particles are left in the teeth gaps causing bacteria to grow. These bacteria produce sulfur compounds that result in bad breath.

  • Tooth decay.

This condition is prevalent among kids because of their love for sweets. Typically, when they eat sweets, some sticky deposits referred to as plaque are deposited on uneven teeth surfaces, gumline, and edges of fillings. Pain doesn’t have to be the sign for tooth decay; sometimes an awful smell is what will tell you as the parent that the kid needs a dental check-up for tooth decay.

  • Chronic and Acute Sinusitis.

This sinusitis is a prevalent condition resulting in bad breath. If in any case, your kid has bad breath, their face is swelling, thick yellow nasal discharge and fever; this is most probably sinusitis.

  • Throat infection

Throat infections such as pharyngitis cause bad breath. The infection bacteria feed on the saliva in the mouth of the kid resulting in an awful smell. These bacteria become more active since kids breath through the mouth.

Treatment of bad breath in kids.

  • Regular brushing: Brushing is the first remedy of bad breath. Teeth brushing should be done after every meal. This is to clear all food particles left behind. Shop for a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid your kid hurting themselves. Make the deal better by choosing a flavored toothpaste for them.
  • Control what they eat: Always prevent your kids from excessive eating of sweets. Make them understand the effects of excessive consumption of sweets.
  • Regular dental check-ups: Every family is always advised to have a family dentist. The family dentist will always ensure your dental hygiene is in right if not in perfect condition. At least after every three months, you should pay a visit to the dentist along with your kid.

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